What's next???

Since my South American/Antarctic adventure ended in January, my daily routine can best be described as non-stop chaos. I can't remember at what point in time, my 'retirement' ended; & life became so........"crazy". One thing I know for sure, that sense of peace that enveloped my body while exploring that frozen wonderland, has long since left me.

There's only one cure for such insanity.........plan another cruise. Something to look forward to; something to live for; the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe because I'm approaching another MAJOR milestone birthday (or the clock's slowly ticking down toward "Armageddon"), I'm throwing caution to the wind & going all out this winter. Thanks to an outstanding travel agent partner & a sweet deal through Crystal Cruises, I plan to indulge in a fantasy of sailing on the World Cruise. Well, at least a good part of it, anyway.

I've been extremely fortunate to have visited most of the ports on my 'bucket list'. Now, I will attempt to explore a few places that didn't quite make the 'official' bucket list. If only I had the time AND the money to do the full world cruise; I would love to find out just how long I could 'tolerate' being at sea. But for now 8 weeks will just have to do. Let the countdown begin...........

V2302F Enlarged Map