April 15th
Cruising the Inside Passage

I was awake long before the morning show started.  I don’t think it was just my internal alarm clock that woke me; but maybe I was meant to get up to see the end of a glorious sunrise (which has NOT been color enhanced).

The morning show was fun.  Rick & Elise introduced Arnie & Chris (who are in charge of all the TV stuff).  And ‘the office girls’ made the daily highlight reel. No puzzle solving done by me today.

Capt. Glenn reported that we are cruising at 18.1 knots (21 mph) on 3 engines.  It’s 43* & overcast.  He expects us to enter the Inside Passage about 2 pm; & we will see Vancouver Island soon on our starboard side.  The thought for the day was, “Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it has been faced.”

I went to the Bistro for a quick capp & snack; sat & chatted with Pat & Ray before we all set off for the Galaxy Lounge for “Ocean Views” at 10:30.  We picked up our interactive devices at the entrance; & I greatly enjoyed listening to & voting on the interesting topics discussed by our distinguished & diverse panel.  Ken Rees moderated the panel of guests:  Mary Matalin, James Carville, Gen. Hugh Shelton & Louis Rene Beres.  Again, politics & world events are not something I ponder on a daily basis.  But I always come away from these forums with a greater (& much less biased) understanding of what is really going on out there in the world.



By 11:45 I was back in the Bistro.  Since our regular table was occupied, we set up at the back table by the window.  Betty, Celeste & I worked on our computers (swapping photos) while chatting with Pat & Kris.  After about an hour; Celeste, Bill & I decided to go up for the American Buffet in the Lido.  My last chance to pig out on okra fritters, BBQ ribs, jambalaya & that luscious fried chicken/sundried tomato salad.  We were just finishing eating when the pilot boat dropped off the pilot to guide us through the passage.

I went back to the Bistro at 2:30; working hard while all the other ‘girls’ came & went to various functions.  Rick Spath walked by every couple of hours, surprised to see that I was still glued to that chair.  I would take a break now & then to step outside for photos, down to the lobby to pick up a Vancouver map, chatted with Jelena at ShorEx; & to speak to Nikki Andrews about the 2015 world cruise.


One of the waiters in the Bistro (he was new to me), Manny, stopped by the table to see if I wanted anything.  I was in the mood for something different; & he suggested green tea passion (with his melodic European accent).  I had heard many others ordering this throughout the trip; & he assured me that it had little caffeine.  He thought I might like it with honey & lemon.  So, I gave it a try; & I was in love (with the tea).  Oh, and did I say he has the sexiest brown eyes ever?

I continued to sit there long after the Bistro closed, after the dance music started.  It was informal night; & I was feeling kind of conspicuous in my casual day clothes while everybody else was walking around dressed to the nines.  I finally packed up the office at 8:15.

Liz brought dinner at 8:45; & she ‘stood’ & talked for a long time. I asked for an appetizer portion of one of the entrees.  Angel hair pasta framed on the plate by sauteed tiger shrimp, grilled veggies & herb sauce.

My main course was chicken with tomato, white wine, chili flakes, garlic & parsley over mascarpone polenta & sauteed spinach.  If I had known there was going to be so much chicken, I would have asked them to bring just the dark meat & spare that huge breast.  Everything I had tonight was absolutely outstanding!

I went back to work on the photos until around midnight.  Read a while; lights out about 1:30.

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