10 Mar 2014

It was not exactly a restful night's sleep; but this luscious bed felt really good.  I wish I had brought my pillow, because I'm not finding a combination that suits me.  How I miss the Crystal pillow menu!  I began to come to just about the time I heard "you are my sunshine" over the PA.  Yes, it appears this is the morning ritual....oh goody!  Well, at least I knew it must be somewhere around 10 am.

Lou had texted way too early this morning.  She was up bright eyed & bushy tailed, having  coffee.  I finally threw on the muumuu; ran down to get a dbl capp; & got back in the bed.  (It's very convenient to be only 30 steps away from the lounge.)  I don't know how Lou is getting such good wifi speed in her cabin; & I'm not, with a repeater just a few feet from my door.  So, I finally found another book to read on the iPad; & started that.  Lou stopped by to lend me her memory card reader for the iPad since I'm not having much luck uploading my photos to the iCloud.  She's off doing her own thing.  I dressed about noon; & continued my search for that perfect reading/people watching spot.

Thought I found it outside the sunset bar, until the art auction started in the atrium below.  Lou wandered up a little bit later.  When the art auction transitioned into an orthotics demonstration, I was ready to move on.  The clincher, was an afternoon musical number over the PA......."if you're happy & you know it, clap your hands.....if you're happy & you know....." This C.D. must be on something!

We hit the Garden Cafe just before it closed at 3.  I'm intrigued by all the choices, so I take little tastes of everything.  Some were hits (dal palak over Indian rice, Szechuan stir fry chicken, honey braised parsnips & carrots, burger patty stuffed with blue cheese & mushrooms).  Some were misses (overdone fish fingers, chilled black bean & pork salad).  It's not hard to avoid the REALLY noisy places; but the Garden buffet is hopeless at lunchtime.  It's only marginally more civilized in the evenings.

We parted ways after lunch. I laid down; let just a little bit of the color changing accent lighting come in through the blinds; turned on the white noise sound machine; & soaked in the silence.  There's obviously no other place onboard to find quiet. I think if Lou wasn't here, I'd be happy to spend the entire week right here in my "cocoon".  I dozed a bit; & woke up in the mood for a decaf capp.  The Lounge was empty.  Lou texted about 8 to ask if I was ready to go in search of dinner.

It was madness up at the buffet.  But by the time you've walked the entire length of this massive ship & up 5 decks, you're going to stay put, no matter what.  It was a very nice dinner menu.  I was happy when I spotted a humongous steamship beef; nice & rare.  The sautéed mushrooms & pearl onions in garlic were divine.  As was something called bendi masala.....obviously okra, sautéed with some glorious spices.  The chili con carne looked wonderful, so I cut up a hot dog & put some on top of it.  The one disappointment was the mahi mahi Mexicali. Whatever it was, it was very fishy....definitely not mahi mahi.  I finished with dates & some Brie.  (I thought I took a photo of everything I ate; guess not.  Can't find this meal anywhere.)  It was so noisy, we didn't linger.

Back in the cabin, I was greeted with a lovely elephant towel animal on the bed & the pounding beat of the music to "Burn the Floor", which is being performed in the Getaway Lounge 4 decks below.  I had wanted to see the show; but now that I've heard the music a few times....not so much.  The ship is rolling just enough to make the bathroom door open & close.  Should be nice for sleeping once the show is over.  Tomorrow, St. Maarten.  Maybe..... if 2,000-3,000 get off the ship................????????

Since there were only a handful of photos today, thought I'd fill in with pics of some of the public areas on the Norwegian Getaway:

                                                                          Atrium Bar

Atrium Lounge below (you enter the Library just to the right of the screen)

The aft dining area of the Garden Cafe

The Getaway Theater

The Tropicana Supper Club (THE main dining room)

Savor (one of the 2 remaining smaller "main" dining rooms)

O'Sheehan's Irish Pub & Grille

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