Ushuaia, Argentina
December 27, 2010

I was up & down a lot in the night; but I did manage to get caught up on some sleep.  Turned on the TV to see the start of our transit through the Beagle Channel.  The sun is shining; the temp is 43 degrees; & the winds are gusting up to 57 mph.  But on TV the seas don’t look or feel rough at all, which I find surprising.  I probably should have tried to see the doctor this morning; but I’m determined to go on today’s shore excursion (more wildlife).  And if I’m really lucky, find a pharmacy in town to buy some cold medicine.

The Capt made an announcement about 10:45 warning us that we would be making a hard left turn; & to expect the winds to cause us to list to port.  We obviously were arriving into Ushuaia early.  I ventured out of the cabin about 11; & planted myself near the electrical plug on the port side of the Lido.  There were snow capped mountains on both sides of us (I know I seem to say that a lot).  Due to the winds, the port has been closed to all small ship traffic.  There were a couple of freighters hanging outside the harbor waiting for a chance to get into this very busy shipping port.

The Lido restaurant was packed.  I kept waiting for the crowds to thin out before I got in the line.  By the time I started through the line about 12:30, they had run out of clean plates & silverware.  So, I went to the dessert station first; & got some bread pudding.  They had clam chowder & chili right next to the desserts.  So, I got a small bowl of chili too.  Let me tell ya; that was some spicy chili; made my nose run.  While I waited for clean dishes, I ate dessert next.  I wasn’t bowled over by the entrée choices; but I did have some spaghetti Bolognese, grilled Brussels sprouts & the roasted Mediterranean veggies (again).  Whatever seasoning they put on these veggies is to die for.

My afternoon tour was a catamaran sail of the little islands in the Beagle Channel.  With the wind chill it was frigid ass cold out there; & it was misting rain.  I didn’t realize that this tour required about ½ mile walk from our ship to the catamaran.  It wasn’t just me; but there were quite a few older people using canes that weren’t happy to find this out.  I was bundled up in coat, boots, gloves, etc; & was actually sweating by the time I got on the ‘Eduardo B’.  The guide spoke good English; but she had such a heavy accent, no one understood a word she was saying.

We spent about 1½ hrs. on the water.  When we came up to these little islands, the Capt. would idle the engine & just spin around in circles so that everyone could see the wildlife from all sides of the boat.  One island was covered wall to wall with birds; king/imperial cormorants. 

Another island had a lot of seagulls, cormorants & HUMONGOUS sea lions.  There were 2 bull sea lions up there that were as big as a VW Beatle!

Our turnaround point was the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse.  The winds made the water very choppy; & it was challenging to get up from your seat & go out on deck to shoot pictures without falling overboard.  I can’t tell you how elated we were to see HA had sent a bus to pick us up & take us back to the ship.  It was misting rain again; & it would have made an unpleasant walk.

We got an extremely short ride through “town”.  All the business are painted colorfully; & I think it would have been fun to wander around had I really felt like it.  But I didn’t spot a pharmacy close to the dock.  One building that caught my eye was the Museum at the End of the World.

When I came back onboard, it was already 5 pm; & I knew the doctor was in the medical center from 5-6.  So, I went up one deck to see about some kind of medicine for my affliction.  The nurse & doc were both American; & we had a jolly old time talking.  Good news is, my chest is clear; but I do have a sinus infection.  He offered me a choice of 2 scrips…..the $63 Z-pack or the $16 Amoxicillin.  Let’s say I’m just as happy taking pills for 10 days & saving the $47 (that can be spent on more internet time, you know).

The internet was finally back up, so I got a little ‘business’ done; & then went up to the Lido for dinner about 7:30.  I had a cold appetizer of marinated grilled veggies (red & green peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini) topped with shaved asiago cheese & an olive oil & balsamic vinegar reduction (fabulous).  I fixed a mixed salad from the salad bar.  For my entrée I had osso bucco w/ tomato sauce, lemon garlic rice pilaf & some French fries.  I noticed they kept the buffet open way past 8 pm; undoubtedly because there were some tours that would arrive late.

We pulled away from the dock about 9:45.  I did a little more computer stuff; & then piled in the bed by 11:30.  I’m going to do some reading; take my medicine like a good girl & try to take it easy the next several days.

PS:  Sorry there weren't more food photos today; but not much of what I ate looked that photogenic.


nooosey said...

Becky, love the photos especially the pingus (penguins).
Hope you are feeling better, I'm pleased you are being well looked after by the medical staff.

Erin said...

enjoying following along ... though a bit belatedly. Your Ushuaia post reminded me of our time in town before our 2007 expedition voyage to Antarctica ... what a great experience that was!