Travel Day, May 10, 2006

We woke up to a perfectly glorious day.  Cloudless, blue skies, warm.  Wish we could have swapped yesterday's weather for this.  Of course, this is best for flying.  Although we celebrated yesterday, what a shame to have to spend my birthday on a plane.  We had our continental breakfast sent to the room.  We had reserved a private water taxi for 8:45 to take us to the Marco Polo Airport.  The ultimate in luxury when you're in Venice.  The bellman takes your bags down & simply passes them over to the captain right at the "curb" (so to speak).  Someone from the front desk there to see you off. 

Katie waves goodbye to the hotel staff as we pull away from the landing stage.

You can't help but get misty eyed pulling away; watching all those lucky tourists who are stating their day w/ a leisurely stroll.  Passing Piazza San Marco, the Campanile, St. Marks Cathedral & the Doge's Palace.

Our driver took us through the middle of the islands using some of the smaller canals.  We saw boats dropping off supplies.  We even saw a casket being taken from a boat up to a church for burial.  You have to keep reminding yourself that the canals are their streets; & everything takes place there.  Racing fire boats, police, ambulances.

We made it to the airport landing stage by 9:30; plenty of time for our 11:30 flight.  It's a hefty walk (if you are so inclined) from the stage to the airport terminal.  We took a minivan ride (€20) w/ our luggage.  As we feared, Katie' big suitcase was overweight.  So, we're on our knees taking stuff out of hers & putting it in mine.  Although I doubt that we took out enough weight, the counter agent took pity on us; & let it pass.  Wasn't sure if they'd make me take off the TSA approved locks; but they didn't say a thing. 
Flying over the Alps


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