Crystal Serenity; Gustavia, St. Barts 12/15/07

Another blissful night’s sleep.  When I woke up a little before 10 there were dark clouds in the sky w/ light rain.  No sense in rushing to go ashore in St. Barts.  I had my leftover osso bucco & risotto for breakfast.  Microwave would have been nice; there was a greasy buildup on the veal.  I ate it anyway; it was too good to waste.

At 11, I could tell the rain was over for the day.  Still very windy which made walking in the little “fishbowl” harbour of Gustavia more tolerable.  The only reason I went ashore was in search of some hair styling gel.  Another one of those things I somehow left home w/o; & the ship’s stores don’t carry any.  I couldn’t have picked a more expensive island to be shopping for such things.  I first tried in a small grocery store; but everything was in French.  I couldn’t tell the difference between shampoo, conditioner or volumizer.  But it’s always fun rooting around in a foreign market.  I found the pharmacy all the way at the other end of the main street where they spoke some English.  Lots of choices; came out w/ the cheapest €14/$19 US.  A brand I never heard of.  The streets were crammed w/ people & traffic.  And it was hot in that "fishbowl".

Came back on the next tender & went around looking for Leslie & Larry to have lunch.  They were nowhere to be found; so I decided to finally get some lobster/melon gazpacho from the poolside restaurant (“Tastes”).  I ordered the big bowl; the anticipation was killing me.  It looked the same; but this was not the same.  I tried a few more bites.  It was very thick, salty & no hint of melon.  I suppose it was close to what normal gazpacho is like; but not their recipe.  I called the head waiter over & apologized for wasting this huge bowl of soup; but I found it inedible.  He went back & tasted it & agreed it was too salty; & in his opinion, they had failed to put in the melon & juice.

I ordered a small cup of the soup du jour, black bean w/ sour cream & scallions.  It was fabulous.  Wanting something more, I went to the salad bar & made a small salad & grabbed a cheeseburger w/o a bun at the grill.  Not anything like I was hoping for lunch; but at least I wasn’t going to starve!  I did a walk about again looking for L & L.  So, I planted myself on the shady side of the pool where we sat yesterday to read, hoping they’d find me.  I started getting sleepy; so I got up to come up & ran into them at the elevator.  They said they had been looking for me, hmmmmm.  Nonetheless, I chose to come down for a nap.

Tonight the 4 of us had reservations in Silk Road (Asian restaurant).  Harvey being the sushi expert usually orders a variety platter for us.  Larry & Leslie are kinda picky eaters; but H & I eat just about everything.  They bring out this huge sq. blue ceramic platter that takes up more than half the sq. table.  We had California rolls, spicy shrimp rolls, tuna/asparagus rolls, king crab/asparagus rolls, huge cornucopia maki rolls w/ tempura tiger prawns & spicy sauce.  We also had yellowfin tuna & salmon shashimi.  This was followed by a platter of shrimp & assorted vegetable tempura w/ a spicy dipping sauce.  My individual order was for an appetizer of broiled king crab meat w/ scallions topped w/ the spicy dip sauce (again).

For my main course I had (what had been a previous favorite) stir fried lobster w/ garlic, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, snap peas w/ a truffle yuzu sauce.  Harvey & I both agreed that there was something “off” w/ the recipe & that it wasn’t nearly as good as it has been in the past.  With the disappointment in the gazpacho this afternoon & the entrée tonight, I’m quite puzzled as to what is going on here.  We were told it’s the same chef as last year.  At least the meal ended on a high note for me…..2 servings of lychee sorbet.  I am stuffed.

Leslie wanted to make some special requests for tomorrow in the D.R., both lunch & dinner.  So, we went down to the D.R. & talked to our head waiter.  I noticed a few things that were on the D.R. menu tonight that would have been good.  So, I asked if he could get them to make it again for me tomorrow at lunch.  No problem.  It gets to be a game trying to come up w/ the wildest special requests just to see if they can do it.  You almost never hear “no”.  I had wanted to go to the movie (Bourne Ultimatum) at 10:30; but I just can’t stay dressed that long.  It’s 10 til 11; & they’ve just pulled up the last of the tenders.  We sail at 11 pm.  Even sleeping so late & having a short nap, it’s just such hard work eating & reading & talking…..I must get back to bed.   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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