My new home & remodel from "HELL"! Part 2

While I was creating my "dream home" (albeit from hell), I thought I might as well replace as many things as my budget would allow.

I was dying for one of those French door type/freezer on the botton refridgerators.  Taking it one step further I replaced the washer & dryer w/ the new LG large capacity, high efficiency front loaders.  They are HUGE.  When I washed the first load, I thought it was defective.  There would be this little tiny shot of water, the tub would spin, another shot of water.  I couldn't even see that the clothes were getting wet.  But lo & behold, they clean perfectly w/ just the smallest amount of water.

Quite a lot of my existing furniture made the move w/ me.  I did need a new La-Z-Boy (moving the old one to the office/den).  I got rid of the old sofa, replacing it w/ a solid color linen w/ multi color pillows.

I replaced my mattress w/ the new ultra comfy Prana sleep system.

And I bought a new streamline designed entertainment system for the flat panel TV I bought 2 years ago.  Makes much better use of the L.R. space than the corner unit I had.  I'm still have a few blank spaces on the wall.  But for the most part, everything's done.  Everybody that's seen it seems to love it; so I must have done something right.  Was it worth all the sleepless nights, headaches & tears.  Jury's still out on that one.

I have the greatest painter/handy man in the world.  He's spent the past 5 months (off & on) working on projects for me.  He's repainted everything, using colors that are quite uncharacteristic for me.  He's installed a lot of organizational components for me.  He put in a retractable screen door between the garage & the laundry room so fresh air can flow through the house when it's cooler.  He scrutinized everything & gave advice on things I might want to fix/change while I was updating things.

Will I ever be finished?  Maybe when I'm dead & gone.

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