Crystal Serenity in Bassterre, St. Kitts 12/17/07

Although I slept very well, there is not much rocking going on anymore. Now our ports are all so close together that we just sort of drift between them during the night. I awoke to a beautifully sunny morning docked in St. Kitts. I had no desire to go ashore today; just wanted to start w/ a late breakfast & call this a pool day. Leslie called while I was attempting to make my hair presentable; she wanted me to meet them up in Tastes (pool cafĂ©) for breakfast. It’s such a joy to spend time w/ them off & on during the day. Larry has a quick wit & has me in stitches most of the time. Leslie has that inbred New York sarcastic sense of humor; together they are something else. I wish they lived closer to Naples so I could see them more often. But then again, maybe these annual rendezvous’ wouldn’t be quite as special?

Back to breakfast…..I had that delicious western omelet again; & we shared an order of blueberry blintzes. I had already been to the Bistro to get my big travel mug filled w/ cappuccino. Now that we’ve figured out how to “manipulate” the machine to produce my perfect recipe, I can’t get enough. I’m probably consuming the equivalent of 3-4 large cups; & I speed through the day (until I eat a big meal in the evening & then just crash). I already had my bathing suit on; so I found a shady, quiet spot close to the pool & had the stewards bring over lounge chairs & set up a spot for the 3 of us.

L & L went ashore just to walk around; & I got in the sun for a while. But there was little breeze; & it was just too hot. I only lasted an hr; & I was seeking the shade. When they weren’t back by 2, I went ahead to Tastes to have lunch. If I waited any longer, it would almost be time for dinner. I decided to give the lobster/melon gazpacho another try (this time in the small cup). It was a lot better; but still not up to their standards (maybe too much onion, if that’s possible?). I was feeling like a reuben sandwich, which hit the spot nicely. Of course, the waiters there all know about my love of cherry coke. So someone always runs over w/ a glass of cherry juice (from the ice cream bar), a can of coke & an huge glass of ice. Man, I love these guys!

About 4 pm RCCL’s “Legend of the Seas” came in (we heard they were hrs. late because bad weather had slowed them down). We spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the shade. Larry went for a golf lesson; & Leslie & I stayed on deck for the sailaway. I’ve said it many times…….there’s nothing quite like hearing Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” on the PA system as the ship moves away from the dock. It reminds me how lucky we all are to share this beautiful day in this beautiful place. With less than an hr. to be ready for dinner, I had to scramble.

Harvey joined us in the D.R. where we had again made special requests again for dinner. It’s French night; & the appetizers are always good; but the entrees get a little limiting. Off the menu I had escargot bourguignonne & vichyssoise w/ red bell pepper coulis (very, very good). Then a salad called “panache” (in other words, mixed) of red/green leaf & endive lettuce w/ chopped eggs, French dressing & tiny brie fritters. The fritters were so good, we asked if they would bring a platter of them to share. I had preordered penne a la vodka. We kept telling the head waiter that we expected the sauce to be thick w/ cream & should come out looking pink. Unbeknownst to us, he didn’t make it tableside, he had the chef do it. To quote Leslie, it was marina w/ a shot of vodka. She wouldn’t eat it; but I thought it was pretty good (just not what I asked for). They had garlic-herb crusted baby lamb chops on the menu; & I asked for 2 of them on a side plate. They were absolutely delicious.

I barely had room for the chocolate soufflĂ© I had special ordered. It was perfect w/ the most dreamy creamy chocolate sauce. I couldn’t pass up the burgundy kir sorbet on the menu. I was disgustingly full; & all of a sudden very tired (I think the hot sun got to me). I begged out of the show (again); & came back to the cabin w/ every intention of typing this diary entry & reading. I got undressed, laid on the bed w/ the tv on at 9:40. Next thing I knew it was 12:30 am; I got up went to the bathroom, turned the tv off & I was out til after 9 am (this morning). So, here it is Tues.; & I’m lucky I can even remember what I did/had yesterday. And maybe I did do this or not……..

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