Day 3/Harwich

Tue. 6/10 (Harwich)

Well, we all slept well; & went down to the complimentary continental breakfast in the main building. It’s a little nippy outside this morning, so we dined inside. I tried two of the juices; although one appeared to be orange & the other possibly grapefruit. Not sure of the origin of these; but they both tasted like someone put the whole fruit including rind in a processor & a juice looking liquid came out. Horrid! Ended up w/ Greek yogurt w/ granola & some fruit salad. Afterward we walked a little, taking photos. The weather was beautiful again, a little cool on the water; but it did warm up to maybe the low 60’s. As I was taking photos, I happened upon an old couple who had fallen asleep in the sun sitting on a bench at the water’s edge. To us it was cool; to them it was the height of summer. We took our bags down to the lobby area of our building where we found 8 other guest who were also sailing w/ us. We had ordered a taxi p/up for 11:15.

We breezed our way through check-in; & were onboard the Rotterdam by noon. Although they announced that the rooms wouldn’t be ready til 1:30, we found our rooms ready at noon. Mine (2608) is a spacious inside cabin, w/ sofa, long desk w/ chair, a side chair, end table & coffee table. I have a lovely floral arrangement on my desk. Melita & Bill’s outside cabin (2648) is 18 doors down. We dropped off our bags & walked around a bit. Went up the Lido Buffet & had lunch. I had a salad; a small sampling of pork & black bean stir fry; a little taste of linguine w/ gorgonzola & pancetta; sautéed spinach; a tomato/spicy coppa salad; green bean/pancetta salad & a taste of Bill’s bread pudding w/ vanilla sauce. Yummo! Once finished, then it was a rush to take care of scheduling our many activities.

Melita & I signed up for a cooking class next week; I made a massage appt. I went to the library to p/u a DVD (George Clooney in “Good Night/Good Luck”). Much to my chagrin, I find that I must pay $3 to rent this for 24 hrs! (How I miss Crystal!) I stopped by the Compt. Center to inquire about internet pkgs. They tell me I can set up my acct. on my laptop anywhere on the ship before midnight. With those chores out of the way, I went back to the cabin & started to unpack. But soon it was time for lifeboat drill. And immediately after lifeboat drill I had set up a get together of all the people who had been posting on the Cruise Critic message boards. All together there were 12 of us; & we had a nice time getting to know a little about each other. Then it was back to the cabin to try to unpack some more; buy I didn’t get very far. M & B called & said let’s go the dining room (we have anytime dining).

It was 7:30; & peak time. So, we took a beeper & had to wait about 10 mins for a table to be ready. We were seated at a large table w/ 2 other couples. The conversation was slow starting; but they finally warmed up to us. For dinner I had a “tower” of crab salad on a bed of tomato/avocado salsa w/ olive oil, lime & cilantro vinaigrette. I had a cobb salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette; & a small piece of rare prime rib. For dessert, some no sugar raspberry frozen yogurt & coffee. Bill was becoming buddies w/ the wine steward, Ricardo. He’s Filipino; & has a repertoire of jokes that never ends. But he is good at joke telling. We chatted at the table til nearly 10; & then it was back to my cabin to finally finish unpacking. When I got to my cabin, (my new Cruise Critic friend) Janice was there wanting to use my computer for something. When she left, I sat down & tried to set up my computer account; but couldn’t get a good wifi signal. I had to set this up before midnight (so as to get some added bonus mins. for signing up early); & since time was close, I had to get redressed & take the laptop out to a public area to look for a strong signal. I found this around the atrium; & logged in just before the stroke of midnight. When I got back “home”, I showered; & settled in the bed about 1 am. Then I hear this loud snoring sound coming from the cabin next door. Dear Lord, no! I tossed & turned til who knows when?????

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